Switch to Solar Energy and Save
Switch to Solar Energy and Save
Be Green and be Money wise

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Pay As You Go
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How To Save
How To Save
Try our multiple solar energy solution from 0$ cost.

Australian Solar, Australian Future
Australian Solar, Australian Future
Save our future by using solar energy


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We are a licensed and approved solar retailer and installer for Commercial and Residential Clients

Clean Energy Council

Clean Energy Council Approved Solar Retailer


Smart Energy Council

Smart Energy Council Member


Home Battery Scheme

Home Battery Scheme Approved Provider



Bulk Buy Special

Bulk Buy Special


up to 6.6KW

22 x 300W Eging Mono Panels

5 KW Growatt Inverter

High Efficiency Solar Module



Classic Solar System


up to 6.6KW

21 x 310W Canadian Solar Mono

5 KW Solis Power Inverter

5 + 5 Years Inverter Warranty


Premium 6.6 KW Solar System

Premium Solar System


up to 6.6KW

21 x 315W Jinko Mono Perc Panels

5 KW Fronius Primo Inverter

5 + 5 Years Inverter Warranty



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