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Say yes solar calculator will help you to know how much you can save on those ever-increasing electricity bills as well as what solar system will be beneficial for your household.

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Why choose us?

 Say Yes Solar is a brand that you can trust. We provide you the best service possible.

We are certified

A Residential Off-Grid Solar System must be installed by a licensed electrician. Say Yes Solar is certified to provide installation service to clients. Security, getting along well with the property, you can expect more from Say Yes Solar.

Save energy

Backed by years of residential & commercial solar system design and installation throughout South Australia, Say Yes Solar is an innovative renewable energy solution provider in the industry, can confidently offer you the added security and peace of mind enjoying the total benefits of the solar technology thus saving energy for your household.


Customer support

Regular maintenance would help the solar system to its optimum capacity and help you get the most from your solar investment. With quality products and expert maintenance, your solar panels will last 25 to 40 years. Say Yes Solar provides Solar Panel Maintenance, Cleaning and Specialist Repairs to ensuring maximize the full potential of the system.

Custom Design

No matter you need roof-mounted, ground-mounted, or top-of-pole, say yes solar would customize your exclusive solar system to suit your needs. Also the system can grow with your family or business, just provides as much detail as possible and we shall provide solution options for you.

Environment friendly

The average solar system in South Australia will prevent between thousands tonnes of carbon dioxide going into the atmosphere per year. Let’s Say Yes to Solar, and enjoy the environmental benefits of integrating renewable solar energy technologies within your homes.

Save money

With little or no start-up costs, systems start paying for themselves immediately and increase each year as the cost of electricity rises. A typical return on investment is usually around 15-20%.

Which Solution are you looking for?

Say yes solar, one stop solution for all your solar needs. Feel free to contact us for any type of solar solution.  Number : 0423 889 545

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