How to Reduce Your Energy Bills

The year 2020 and 2021 are tough years for all Child Care Centres due to the Covid-19. Say Yes Solar is a local solar company with 8 years of experience, We launch the Childcare Energy Efficient Program to show our appreciation of all your efforts to our kids in Australia. The Energy Efficient Program will offer a 50% discount on solar system installation to help childcare centres across South Australia lower energy bills and reduce carbon footprint. Heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC), lighting, Information and Communications Technology (ICT) represent the largest electricity consumption and demand generated in childcare centres. It is the preferred strategy to manage site energy requirements within the existing electrical supply capacity.
The Solar System Will Definitely Be HELPFUL!

We are here to help...

We have many successful solar installations for businesses, including childcare centers, supermarkets, hotels, wineries, and so on. In this program, a premium solar system package at the lowest price will be offered to all childcare centers across SA.


Join our program before 01/07/2021, you can...
  • Get 50% Discount & Receive Extra $1,500 Cash
  • Back
  • Interest-Free Payment Plan Provided
  • Get Tax Deduction
  • Avoid Solar Rebate (STC) Decrease in Next Financial Year