South Australia’s Home Battery Scheme now open to new builds


The SA Government’s standout Home Battery Scheme is now open to new home buyers and new builds. The expanded Scheme is already off to a flying start with the Stoddart Group promising to install 10,000 solar and battery systems over the next four years to create one of the world’s largest VPPs.

In late October 2018 the South Australian (SA) Government inaugurated its landmark $100 million Home Battery Scheme (HBS) to subsidise the cost of buying a home energy storage system. Half a year later and HBS was expanded to include rental properties, property developers and aged care facilities. And now the scheme is being opened up to new home buyers who will be able to install solar and battery systems on their new builds.

This new rule change means developers can receive the HBS subsidy for the installation of batteries on new builds with a window of up to twelve months, an improvement on the previous standard of six months which is hardly enough time to actually build a home in which to install a battery. The solar and battery systems will be offered to new home buyers for no additional cost.

“This latest development in the $100 million Home Battery Scheme will turbo charge the take up of home solar and battery systems,” said Minister for Energy and Mining Dan van Holst Pellekaan, “delivering savings on electricity bills for new home owners and benefits to the grid.”

“Thousands of South Australians have already slashed their electricity bills with batteries, so it’s great news that the Scheme is now accessible to people purchasing a new home.”

Under HBS South Australians can buy any battery they like as long as it meets requirements of safety, reliability and virtual power plant (VPP) integration. After SA committed to manufacture batteries locally, Sonnen, Alpha ESS, and Eguana Technologies had access to the scheme’s priority period that lasted by the end of last year. Since then, the list of battery brands has grown significantly to include: Tesla, LG Chem, Enphase, BYD, Redback, Varta, Senec, Suntech, Pylontech and Solax.

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