Rooftop solar in SA pushed grid demand to a new record low.


“Rooftop solar usually has its maximum output during the middle of the day, when many of us are not at home and consuming less energy,” said Damien.

“Overall electricity consumption is also at its lowest during mild weather conditions, when we aren’t using our heating or cooling systems. Those same mild, clear and sunny conditions are also ideal for rooftop solar,” said Damien.

While these new records can be exciting, that does not mean they’re without their challenges. The increasing contribution of behind-the-meter resources to our energy system has meant that managing key system requirements, like frequency and voltage, can become more difficult.

“System security is AEMO’s highest priority. That’s why we’re working closely with industry members on several market and technical trials for distributed energy resources, like virtual power plants (VPPs), to understand how we can better utilise the increasing amounts of behind-the-meter resources we have today,” said Damien.

As our industry continues to rapidly transform, we’re expecting more exciting records and developments to occur, so be sure to watch this space!

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