Living without a grid is not convenient, imaging you have to maintain your diesel generator, fuel tank, and battery almost every day and still suffering from the noise of the diesel engine and the less power output from your battery bank!


Get no worries with our off-grid solar solutions, you will feel as comfortable as with the grid.

When designing an off-grid solar system, it is very important to determine the size and type of loads that require powering and when they require power. Variation in load demands needs to be evaluated, including seasonal differences, day and night loads, heat, and cooling systems.


Design it right, do it once.

Why say yes to Off-Grid solar system

Installing solar battery storage isn’t as simple as installing solar.  We are specialists in On & Off grid solar system solutions, both big and small and provide reliable power supply and storage systems.

Quality Components
Installing a solar battery storage system is a long-term investment and one that you’ll rely on to power your property every day. There are many different standards of quality out there for system components. We only source the very best to deliver you the best product with no worries.

Talk to a qualified specialist, not just a salesperson

  1.  Let us know about your off-grid project
  2.  Find out what size system you need
  3. Get product and system advice
  4. Build a long-lasting off-grid solar system