Power Purchase Agreement – PPA

A Power Purchase Agreement is a finance option available to purchase a Solar PV System or Solar and Battery system, with no money upfront.

PPA can be used by both residential and business customers, paying a low regular rate for the power the Solar PV System installed under the PPA generates in $0.15/kWh for a fixed period. After the period, the customer can usually take ownership of the Solar PV System or Solar and Battery system for a low token amount, in most cases $1.

With a PPA the benefit is immediate as the rate per kWh agreed upon is typically significantly lower than a retailer’s electricity rate. In cases, savings can be 50% and more.

Businesses who want to go green and benefit from using renewable energy don’t need to outlay capital to purchase a depreciating asset, instead, with a PPA the business is incurring an expense for the electricity generated under the agreement. As PPA is similar to a Lease, we suggest discussing the accounting and tax benefits of using a PPA with your accountant.

The way a PPA works is that the client will engage the solar installer to install a Solar PV System or Solar and Battery system. The installer, in turn, arranges the finance via a third party, the financier, who effectively pays and owns the installed system for the period set out in the agreement.

A benefit OF using a PPA is that the financier will look after the insurance for the system and ensure it is working at it’s optimum as it is in the financier's best interest.

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