Pumping water by sunlight.

sun pump, Pumping water by sunlight, solar water
sun pump, Pumping water by sunlight, solar water

The solar pump is the easiest way for farmers to produce energy, and also an eco-friendly living style for homes or communities to build up a beautiful fountain. MPMC solar pump system presents a clean, simple, and energy-efficient alternative to traditional electric and fuel-driven pump sets, especially for those living off the electricity grids.

The advantages of solar water pumping are many. Solar pumping systems are reliable stand-alone systems that require no fuel and very little attention. Generally, when water is needed most, is when the sun shines the brightest. Solar panels generate maximum power in full sun conditions when larger quantities of water are typically needed. Because of this natural matching effect, the solar water pump is an obvious and economical choice over windmills and engine-driven generators for most locations away from utility power.



The Advantages of Solar Pump

Extremely Low Running cost

It is suitable for any kind of environment, as long as the sunshine is there.


High Efficiency

25% Efficiency Improved alternating current machines by the permanent magnetism, direct current, brushless, non-sensor motor.


Motor Insulation > 300M
It improves motor security while adopting a double plastic package for rotor and stator, motor insulation > 300M.


Convenient installation and environmental protection. DIY kits are available.