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How to save: Is a Battery Storage System a good way to save
Ernest 13, Jul, 2019

Recently an article published by a well known solar quotes site implied that using a battery storage system with your solar system you miss out on the ...

How to save: Take advantage of South Australia’s huge battery subsidy
Ernest 28, Jun, 2019

Do Not buy a Solar Battery System unless you are able to take advantage of South Australia’s huge battery subsidy. The state is assisting with a sub ...

How to save: Solar project with batteries are getting popular in SA
Ernest 13, Jun, 2019

Slowly but surely Australia is increasing delivery of our nations electricity needs from renewable energy. Once this 500MW Robertstown solar farm is ...

How to save: Your chance to save power bill and money
Ernest 31, May, 2019

Every savings calculator you use will show that you can save money with a Solar System. After a few years it’s paid for itself. But it cost’s thou ...

How to save: How to Save with Solar Power
Ernest 13, May, 2019

According to Canstar Blue the average 2019 Australian household electricity bill ranges from $1602.32 in Victoria to $1898.80 in South Australia. ...

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