Lower Cost, Higher revenue
  • Get benefits from Government rebate
  • Get paid for the electricity you produce
  • Recover your system cost in as little as 1-2 years
  • Insulate yourself from rising energy costs
  • Get investment tax credit from solar
'Green' improves public image

 Solar power systems provide a measurable contribution to the global reduction of CO2 in the atmosphere, which businesses can promote in their corporate marketing material and communications.

In turn, this can increase the public image of your business as socially responsible, environmentally aware, progressive and future-focused.


Benefits to our planet
  • Save tonnes of carbon dioxide from entering Australia’s atmosphere
  • Help Australia meet international environmental agreements
  • Reduced the need for new coal powered power stations
  • Lower Australia’s greenhouse gas emissions

Power Purchase Agreement – PPA


A Power Purchase Agreement is a finance option available to purchase a Solar PV System or Solar and Battery system, with no money upfront.

PPA can be used by both residential and business customers, paying a low regular rate for the power the Solar PV System installed under the PPA generates in $/kWh for a fixed period. After the period, the customer can usually take ownership of the Solar PV System or Solar and Battery system for a low token amount, in most cases $1.

With a PPA the benefit is immediate as the rate per kWh agreed upon is typically significantly lower than a retailer’s electricity rate. In cases savings can be 50% and more.

Businesses who want to go green and benefit from using renewable energy don’t need to outlay capital to purchase a depreciating asset, instead, with a PPA the business is incurring an expense for the electricity generated under the agreement. As PPA is similar to a Lease, we suggest discussing the accounting and tax benefits of using a PPA with your accountant.

The way a PPA works is that the client will engage the solar installer to install a Solar PV System or Solar and Battery system. The installer in turn arranges the finance via a third party, the financier, who effectively pays and owns the installed system for the period set out in the agreement.

A benefit using a PPA is that the financier will look after the insurance for the system and ensure it is working at it’s optimum as it is in the financiers best interest.

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How Does Solar Work

Solar energy is a kind of renewable energy. The large magnitude of solar energy available makes it a highly appealing source of electricity. The United Nations Development Programme in its 2000 World Energy Assessment found that the annual potential of solar energy was 1,575–49,837 exajoules (EJ). This is several times larger than the total world energy consumption, which was 559.8 EJ in 2012.

5 main components make up the solar energy system 

1. Solar PV Panels
2. Solar Electricity Inverter
3. Mounting System
4. Cabling
5. Meterbox and Switchboard

Commercial Solutions

Small/Medium Com. Solar


up to 15kW

330W Eging/Astronergy T1 Panels

3 Years simply payback period

More options upon your requests


Large Commercial Solar


up to 30kW

330W Eging/Astronergy T1 panels

3 Years simply payback period

More options upon your requests


Solar Farm


>30 kW

in-house installation team

All quality CEC approved products

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Why Say Yes Solar

Say Yes Solar solar PV systems are customised with the goal of helping you reduce or eliminate your power bills burden. With a 25-year performance warranty on solar panels, our solar power system for homes is one of the best home investments you will ever make.
CEC approved solar retialer

The Clean Energy Council Approved Solar Retailer program is a way for businesses that sell solar and storage to show their commitment to responsible sales and marketing activities and industry best practice.

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Unbeatable pricing

We are looking forward more and more people can enjoy the life with lower energy bill, at the same time, we always try to find out the most economical solution for our valuable customers.

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Within 2 week fast installation guarantee

We deeply understand that every customer expect the installation job can be arranged and finish as soon as possible.

Within 2 weeks is our guarantee, do not waste time, time is money.

In-house installation team

All of Say Yes Solar job installed by our in-house solar team. Our team has served over 5000 clients, installed over 22 500 000 kW solar job from 2013.

5 years workmanship warranty is our installation team's guarantee.

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Quality CEC approved products

At Say Yes Solar, we only recommend and sell to customers Tier 1 panels, it represents the highest quality of Solar panel. Moreover, All of our products are CEC approved, you don't need to worry about products quality and warranty.

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