Feed in tariffs, VPP, virtual power plant

All Say Yes Solar Promotions are available for standard metropolitan based installations only. Price is after Small Scale Technology Certificates (STCs) have been assigned to Say Yes Solar or its agents. Any additional extras including but not limited to double story, roof type, meter box upgrades or three phase power, may attract additional charges. *Price beats offer applies to local competitor advertised quotes only and must be for identical goods. Terms & Conditions apply.

You can Claim the SA Home Battery Subsidy up to $3000!

Say Yes Solar offers you unbeatable 10kwh AC battery pack for only $5997, fully installed. **condition apply**

1*Goodwe hybrid inverter with 5+5 years warranty.
1*10.3KWH Alpha Estore battery with 10 years performance warranty and no less than 8000 cycle life.

  • SA residential only
  • Assign to Discover Energy VPP Plan to enjoy 25Cents feed-in tariffs.
  • Solar PV capacity is not exceeding 13.2kw

**Cashback $900, if you have approved concession card**

Install extra 6.6kw solar panels for $1500 only, **fully installed at same-time**

VPP, virtual power plant
What is VPP

VPP stands for a virtual power plant which is a network of distributed energy resources - such as residential solar and battery systems - that all work together as a single power plant and central controlled through wifi technology by authorized retailers; you can treat each battery system as a micropower station. Energy retailers sometimes will force your battery system to charge or discharge to distributed energy resources for the purposes of enhancing power generation, as well as trading or selling power in the electricity market. VPPs are regarded as the future of the power market.  VPP is emerging as a solution to resolve the grid power unstable issues.

Whose benefit?

During a VPP event, the energy retailer may discharge (sell) some of the electricity during the peak time from your battery or charge your battery (buying electricity from the grid during off-peak time). Some retailers may use your solar and battery system to provide grid stability services by discharging or charging the batteries for shorter periods at rapid speed to raise or lower the frequency of electricity in the grid. Either way, the VPP retailer will seek to generate revenue from trading electricity on the National Electricity Market, and reward you and the other households enrolled in the VPP for your participation.


South Australia’s potential of  VPP

South Australia is leading the whole world's renewable energy. After the big shame blackout in the entire state in 2016, the South Australia government has been introducing SA Home Battery Scheme which targeting to promote energy storage capacity in SA; Thanks for the big help from Tesla, the giant battery storage station made SA a well-known place.

More battery storage will help us keep the grid stable and save our residents from paying the highest electricity bill.

The SAHBS combines  Discover Energy VPP plans, make the battery storage more and more affordable for South Australia residents.

Expecting that a rise in renewable energy storage will bring up the total battery storage capacity in SA.

Here at Say Yes Solar, we offer a one-stop solution for your battery package with 25 Cents feed-in tariffs,



Can I trade my battery stored electricity by myself?

Everyone and anyone can be a prosumer if you can potentially generate energy in excess of what you use in your household. Enabling you to buy and sell electricity in real-time, Discover Energy allows you to discharge your stored battery energy at times of peak demand to maximize the returns from the solar power you generate.

As a prosumer, you now have full control of your solar and battery resources to trade anytime when you have spare capacities and when the spot prices are trading high.

Am I eligible to join your VPP electricity plan to receive the $25 cents feed-in Tariff and that $100 cash back?

For joining our virtual power plant electricity plan, you will have to meet the following conditions:

  1. residential property only
  2. have less than 13.2kw solar system
  3. have any brand, any size battery storage with Alpha ESS, Goodwe, Solaredge, or Sungrow as your battery inverter

Looking for a good battery storage offer?

At Say Yes Solar, our aim is to accelerate the roll-out of battery systems with the introduction of energy trading and a 25-cents feed-in tariffs.

For the homeowner, the return on investment (ROI) for a solar and battery system will be significantly reduced making the investment in home batteries more appealing.


What is feed-in tariff?

A feed-in tariff is the amount of money earned from energy exported back into the grid from a rooftop solar system, which is credited onto the customer's power bill.

Sample Bill






Let a customer's bill tell you how much the solar could save!














Why VPP is your energy future? Find the answer here!









Say goodbye to your power bill and hello to smart energy income

VPP, virtual power plant, smart solar system
VPP, virtual power plant, smart solar system, compatible systems

Discover Energy's Smart Saver VPP with 25 Cents every kWh Feed-in Tariffs


Discover Energy's Smart Saver VPP offers customers a competitive electricity retail plan including a feed-in tariff of 25c per kWh. Solar and battery systems eligible for the Smart Saver VPP are available through Discover Energy's partner-retailers.

Compatible batteries include AlphaESS, LG Chem, BYD, Sungrow, and Pylontech. Battery models are to be compatible with Goodwe, Sungrow, AlphaESS, or SolarEdge 5kW hybrid inverters.